Power electronics
technology of an energy efficient future
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Power electronics - technology of an energy efficient future

The development of power electronic systems is alpitronic's mission. We are especially focusing on the design of compact and energy efficient systems. Through our long-time experienced developers in the field of power electronics we are able to offer our customers expertise on highest technical level. Our in-house projects as the resonant switching intelligent power module (600V / 250Arms) sets new standards for power efficiency, EMC-characteristics and user friendliness.

Power electronic lab

Our well-equipped power electronic lab allows us to develop and test power electronic systems up to 600A continuous current.

Competence transfer

As a member of the European Center of Power Electronics ECPE we are in contact with leading companies in the field of power electronics and are always up to date on the latest technological developments.

alpitronic offers to its customers following services:

Concept Phase

  • Conception of power electronics and analog or digital electronics
  • Evaluation and comparison of possible circuit topologies, feasibility analysis
  • Reviews


  • Elaboration of specifications
  • Requirement analysis
  • Specification reviews


  • Realization of circuit diagrams and layouts
  • Design verification by circuit simulation
  • Proof of quality and safety by means of FMEA
  • Grounding concepts
  • Design of cooling concepts and enclosure design

Production and Commissioning

  • Procurement of hardware for prototypes up to medium quantity series
  • Commissioning and testing of the hardware

Project examples in the field of power electronics

  • 100 kVA 3-phase inverter with ARCP-technology on 600 V IGBT technology
  • Automotive traction inverter with phase currents > 500 Arms