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System develpoment
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Resonant switching IPM
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Individual system development

Innovation and technological progress nowadays are determined more and more by highly complex electronic systems. A great number of innovations – in particular in the automotive sector – results from the application of software intensive control units. The growing complexity and the arising heterogeneity of this systems demand higher requirements to the development processes of the embedded control systems.

Expertise from concept to deployment

Our engineers master the entire process from requirements management to test and integration. Requirement specifications which are created in collaboration with the customer are the fundaments for the further development. From the given requirement specification the system architecture is deduced and hence the hardware and software architecture is derived.

Safety in every phase

To validate the design in an early phase, simulation tools are applied which grant an early identification of errors and therefore save time and costs. The implementation of the design is verified by module and integration tests and validated against the requirements. Our detailed project planning enables our customers to check the development progress. Systematical risk management allows planning reliability regarding delivery dates and costs.

Our service range

alpitronic offers its customers the development for electrical and electromechanical systems and delivers specific support on following issues:

System Specification / System Design

  • Requirements specification
  • Interface specification
  • Deduction of the system architecture
  • Modeling / Simulation of the system and the peripherals
  • Development of complex control concepts

Hardware / Software Architecture

  • Derivation of the hardware and software architecture from the system architecture
  • Assignment of the design requirements to the derived requirements

Hardware / Software Design

  • Circuit design and layout with Mentor Graphics Tool chain
  • Hardware development meeting thermal, EMC, package and environmental requirements.
  • Development of the software application by modeling the software functions
  • Implementation by automatic code generation or manual programming
  • Implementation of the basic software (also AUTOSAR compliant) with operating system, hardware drivers, bus communications (including CAN, FlexRay)

Enclosure / Heat Sink Design

  • Design and construction of enclosures for the developed electronic systems
  • Thermal simulations and derivation of heat sink design

Qualification and certification

  • Qualification and acceptance test of the developed systems in accordance with applicable standards and regulations
  • Implementation and support of EMC testing