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Tests systems with power electronic background

As part of the development and production of electrical, electromechanical or mechanical systems, the use of test benches is essential to recognize mistakes in design and production process and ensure the quality and safety requirements for the product.

Test bench development

alpitronic developed on behalf of its customers and for own use specially designed testing systems with power electronic background.

From these activities arised an e-machine test stand for measuring and testing electrical machines and inverters up to 111 kW continuous power and 665 Nm of torque. 

For the qualification of power modules a power cycling test bench was developed. On up to 8 testing positions power modules can be power cycled with currents up to 700A. 

Our service range

Test bench concept

  • Requirements analysis and creation of requirements and interface documents
  • Derivation of the System Architecture
  • Safety concept, particularly with regard to CE certification of the test bench

Test bench hardware

  • Planning and execution of the test bench setup (mechanics, measurement instrumentation, signal conditioning, control, actuating elements)

Test bench software

  • Development of the control software, including user interfaces (dSPACE / Phython; LabVIEW)
  • Creation and integration of environmental models in Matlab / Simulink

Test bench operation

  • Definition of test cases, test automation and test execution