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Resonant switching IPM - new opportunities in power electronics

alpitronic's resonant switching half bridge IPM (Intelligent Power Module) represents a technological novelty in the field of power electronics and allows new possibilities in terms of switching frequency, energy efficiency and EMC performance. Depending on the system requirements, the module can significantly reduce switching losses at common switching frequencies, on the other hand the IPM can be integrated on systems with demands on high switching frequencies.

Drastic reduction of switching losses - higher switching frequencies

With the resonant switching half bridge module on 600V IGBT technology, the half bridge transistors are turned on at zero voltage with almost no turn-on losses. At turn-off, the switching losses are reduced by parallel capacitances which limit the voltage gradient across the transistor.

The integrated resonant circuit in the half bridge module makes it possible to reduce the switching losses drastically. The reduction of the switching losses reaches 53% to 73% (load dependent) compared to hard switching systems. The integrated gate driver stage, which controls both the half-bridge and the resonant circuit, allows an easy control of the IPM with TTL signal levels.

The use of the resonant switching half-bridge module is particularly suitable for the following applications and requirements:

  • Systems with switching frequencies up to 50 kHz at currents of several hundred amperes (the technology allows easy paralleling of more modules without any circuit adaption)
  • Power electronic systems with special requirements for high efficiency, for example, highly efficient inverters
  • Due to the smooth switching behavior and the simple control via a TTL PWM signal the resonant switching module suits for all half bridge applications where no major investments in power electronics are desired. A low inductance connection to the DC link capacitor is less critical than with hard switching systems, because voltage spikes on transistor turn off are minimized by parallel capacitances.
Voltage low (blue) swing at phase output

Characteristic data

alpitronic's resonant switching half bridge module is currently available in a pilot series and is characterized by:

  • 600V IGBT technology
  • PWM switching frequencies of up to 50 kHz
  • Ampacity of 250 A rms at 50 kHz switching frequency
  • Reduced switching losses, depending on the load point in the range from 53% to 73% compared to a hard switching half bridge
  • Integrated resonant circuit including gate driver stage
  • Simple control through TTL PWM signals
  • Smooth resonant transition of the PWM voltage and and turn-off voltage overshoot <10% of the DC link voltage

Detailed information on the resonant switching IPM:

Product datasheet

Our development goes on

A module on 1200V IGBT technology is currently under development and will be available by the end of 2012.