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Engine test bench for verification of electrical drive systems

The trend toward electric vehicles and the statutory requirements for reducing CO2 emissions challenge the automobile manufacturers to bring hybrid and electric cars quickly and at affordable prices to the market. Complementary to the development, new propulsion concepts which include high-voltage battery, electric motors and power electronics have to be verified with the appropriate testing infrastructure.

Flexible engine test stand

In the context of the development of an innovative motion inverter, alpitronic has developed a test bench for the verification of electric drive systems which is designed for high performance engines and which can be flexibly adapted  to new drive concepts.

Characteristics of the existing engine test bench are:

  • Drive and load unit with a large power range (665 Nm max. torque, 110 kW continuous power, 8500 rpm max. speed)
  • Battery simulator for 160 kW / 600 VDC / 600 ADC
  • Highly accurate measurement technique for determining the mechanical (speed, torque) and electrical power (voltage and current of the inverter)
  • Temperature and flow-controlled cooling system for engine and inverter