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Power cycling test bench for power semiconductors

Active power cycling tests according to IEC 60749-34 or the automotive standard LV 324 are an important test procedure to determine the reliability of power semiconductors. Through repeatedly active heating of the semiconductor by a load current and the subsequent cooling phase, the assembly and packaging technology of the semiconductor is subjected to thermo-mechanical stress and aging. The number of cycles before reaching the failure criteria is an important qualifier for the reliability of the power semiconductors.

Power cycling test bench PCTB-D

The power cycling test bench PCTB-D was designed by alpitronic for conducting active power cycling tests. It provides high flexibility through a wide spectrum of power classes and module types as well as extensive possibilities to monitor the essential parameters of the module integrity during test run.


  • Load power generation up to 1200 A
  • Contemporaneous testing of up to 12 DUTs (power semiconductor modules with base plate or pin-fin modules)
  • Load current pulse duration from 0.5 s to 150 s
  • Cooling water temperatures from 25°C to 120°C.
  • Adjustable gate voltage -8V-20 V
  • Recording of the calibration curve for determining the junction temperature for each unit under test
  • Failure criteria: VCE / Vf voltage, delta of junction temperature ΔTj, thermal resistance Rth (percentage increase)
  • Recording the characteristic performance data for each cycle, as well as periodic or event-triggered recording of waveforms of selected cycles (50 ms timebase)

Detailed information on the Power Cycling Test Bench:

Product datasheet