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Driving the forefront of DC fast-charging technology, Alpitronic is committed to shaping a sustainable, electric future. Explore how our innovative solutions are paving the way for a journey toward reliable and efficient charging infrastructure.

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HYC 400

The world's most efficient 400 kW charger

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HYC 400

Powerful 200 kW charger with a small footprint

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HYC 400

Compact wall-mountable 50 kW charger

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Our DC fast-charging technology

We've been leading the charge in developing, producing, and commercializing scalable DC fast chargers since 2017. Our signature Hypercharger product line has electrified Europe with reliable, compact, and efficient solutions wrapped in Italian design. Our current portfolio includes DC fast chargers in the power range of 50 kW to 400 kW.


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Power cycling

Our advanced power cycling laboratory assesses the endurance of power semiconductor modules crucial for energy conversion, determining their longevity and offering accurate evaluations for diverse applications. Since 2010, we've been designing power cycling test benches, with our testing protocols consistently following ECPE Guideline AQG 324, recognized as the gold standard by power electronics manufacturers worldwide.

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