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Remote support & on-site service

The Hypercharger after-sales team provides reliable 24/7 turnkey support, including both remote and on-site assistance. Alpitronic handles all technical questions, repairs, and maintenance to ensure the prompt resolution of any issues with the Hyperchargers.


If an on-site visit is required, the Hypercharger service team will coordinate everything. Alpitronic engineers can diagnose defects, carry out repairs, and perform preventive maintenance and upgrades on the Hyperchargers. Alpitronic also collaborates with certified partners to guarantee quick on-site troubleshooting and support.

Alpitronic offers flexible service to match any needs, with various service levels including same-day resolution. Alpitronic also provides comprehensive replacement parts service, with timely delivery to the location of choice. Other benefits include extensive product documentation and full support for Charge Point Management System (CPMS) integration, where required.


Create and manage all documents for your Hypercharger fleet. Train teams with official Hypertraining courses. Tailor your Hypercharger with ideal configurations and seamlessly upload them.


Hypertraining is an online platform where customers can book courses to certify their technicians for servicing and intervention on our Hyperchargers.

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Hyperdoc is a dedicated document management system for everything related to the Hypercharger product line. It serves as a centralized repository for various essential documents, including user manuals, installation instructions, and product certifications. This platform empowers users to efficiently create and archive commissioning and service protocols. It also provides easy access to calibration law declarations. In the near future, Hyperdoc will enhance its capabilities with the addition of maintenance protocols and advanced service protocol functionality, further augmenting its utility in the Hypercharger ecosystem.

Hyperdesign is the self-service portal designed for customers of Alpitronic to manage and personalize their Hypercharger orders. This intuitive platform enables customers to tailor their orders by customizing configurations, software options, and screen appearances before the Hypercharger enters production. This ensures that each device is pre-configured to meet specific customer needs, facilitating a plug-and-play installation experience right upon delivery.

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