Power electronics is what drives us. Engineering is in our DNA.




Power electronics is what drives us. Engineering is in our DNA.

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Who we are

We are a service provider in the electronic system development field  with a high level of technological innovation.

More than half of our employees work as developers for innovative electronic systems, with a focus on e-mobility. Our customers in the field of development services include OEM companies and suppliers in the automotive and industrial sectors. Our most successful product, which we produce in-house, is our hypercharger, which is rapidly conquering the European market and continues to inspire us to excel on an entrepreneurial level.

With the development of our hypercharger, we are setting European standards in the field of fast-charging technology.

References and partners

Our customers and partners include leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as internationally active industrial companies who rely on our experience and knowledge in the field of energy-efficient power electronics and test technology.


Our success is based on our willingness to innovate and be flexible, but also on the conviction that only high-quality solutions can provide the base for lasting cooperation.

About us

alpitronic was founded in 2009 with the vision of becoming a benchmark for power electronics in South Tyrol. Thanks to decisive projects in the automotive sector and the introduction of the hypercharger, the company has experienced enormous growth in recent years.

A South Tyrolean company

Bolzano, an industrial and commercial city, has always been a bridge between the German and Italian economic and cultural areas.


All of the development, production and sales of projects take place from alpitronic’s headquarters in Bolzano. This allows us to keep our local roots even as an internationally active company.

Stories of our people


Systems Development

I am the team leader of the System Development department. In our team we deal with the design and layout of an entire electronic system, while always trying to take into account state-of-the-art science and technology. We have an overview of the hardware and software components of the project and we compare different types of systems to find the ones that meet the system requirements most efficiently.



I am responsible for the operative organisation, the planning, the assembly and the inspection of alpitronic’s product portfolio. This includes the planning of materials, the division of employees upon product planning as well as the introduction and schooling of employees in the workspace. Furthermore, I ensure the smooth cooperation and communication between all departments involved in the production process. In addition, I am the point of reference for my colleagues in case there are any problems regarding the production process. For the continuous optimisation of the process, I pass on derived suggestions for improvement.


As team leader of the Hardware-Development I ensure that my team is always up to date on the latest technological developments. My area of responsibility includes the assessment of the designed hardware, its functionality and its conformity with the applicable requirements of technology.

Contributing to alpitronic

Team spirit is our top priority for achieving our goals.

We work in a future-oriented and highly motivated manner and achieve our projects as a team. It is important to us that employees can contribute their skills in the right place and that their potential is recognised.

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