About us

The perfect development partner

A technology company

alpitronic consists of passionate engineers with experience in various fields: from automotive to aerospace and industrial electronics.

More than half of our employees work as developers and are involved in the design of our own and other third-party products. In addition to the development of electronic hardware and software in the automotive sector, alpitronic has been involved in the development, production and worldwide distribution of fast charging stations for electric vehicles since 2017.

Our objectives

We are technology drivers and set new standards with our innovations, especially in the development of the SiC inverter and the DC/DC converter. Likewise, we develop test systems to validate power electronic components and systems.

Flexible in thinking and acting

Our range of services starts with consultancy and design and extends to the development and delivery of prototypes and small series, through to production support for medium quantities.


alpitronic is a specialist supplier that mainly develops power electronics for automotive manufacturers. The company has experienced exponential growth since 2017 through the development and marketing of the hypercharger, a HPC (high power charging) station for electric vehicles.

The 4 founders

Andreas Oberrauch

Alessandro Ciceri

Sigrid Zanon

Philipp Senoner