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We work in a dynamic and future-oriented way. Teamwork always comes first.

Our main focus is on energy-efficient power electronics, electric mobility and related test technology.



We achieve our goals through teamwork. We put great importance on every employee knowing that this is the right place for them to contribute their full capabilities and that their efforts will be valued.



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I work as foreman of power-stack assembly at alpitronic. My main tasks include planning and coordinating the resources required for power-stack assembly according to the quantity specified by production management. In addition, I am the contact person for any problems my employees may have. I take care of the training and development of my team and I cooperate with other production areas. I focus a lot on the quality of the work done, on making sure the power-stacks are completed on time and on keeping my production area clean.


As team leader of the Hardware-Development I ensure that my team is always up to date on the latest technological developments. My area of responsibility includes the assessment of the designed hardware, its functionality and its conformity with the applicable requirements of technology.


Business Development

I am the team leader of Business Development. My main tasks include not only establishing new customer contacts and maintaining existing ones, but also developing and opening up new business areas and sales markets. I am also responsible for strategic development and business plan preparation, as well as the organisation and analysis of markets and competitors. I am focused on helping to shape the corporate image, as well as the orientation of the company on the market.

Our focus

Electronics with a high level of technological innovation. Our key topics are energy-efficient power electronics, electric mobility and related test technology.