Privacy Policy on the processing of personal data on the website

This Privacy Policy is intended to provide information about the processing, the purposes, the methods and, more generally, about the management of the personal data collected through the website. This privacy policy applies only to this website, thereby excluding additional pages that can be accessed via link. Therefore, and in accordance with Article 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679, we inform you of the following:


Responsible for data processing: alpitronic GmbH, Bozner-Boden-Mitterweg 33, I-39100 Bolzano (BZ), in the person of the legal representative. You can contact the person responsible by calling +39-0471-096450 or via e-mail:

Our company guarantees, within the framework of the legal requirements, that the processing of personal data is carried out according to the fundamental rights and freedoms as well as in compliance with the dignity of the data subject, particularly regarding confidentiality, personal identity and the right of protection of personal data.


Purposes of data processing: The purpose of data processing is to provide feedback on the requests received, for the respective user on our website, as well as to send the requested commercial information via the contact details provided. For these purposes, the provision of data is necessary, and non-provision of this data makes it impossible to carry out the indicated.


Personal data processed: The data processed through the website are simple personal data (for example, but not exclusively: e-mail addresses, anagraphic data, etc.) and, in general, all the data necessary to process the requests received. When visitors, who connect to this website, send their personal data to make requests by e-mail, including the registration of the sender’s address and/or other personal data it is used by the company exclusively to process the request received.


Type of data processing:

Data processing may be carried out with or without the aid of electronic means and includes all the operations provided for in Article 4, paragraph 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and necessary for the data processing in question. In any case, the data processing will be carried out in compliance with all security measures that ensure their security and confidentiality. The personal data will only be processed within the meaning of this Privacy Policy by employees and collaborators of the company who have been explicitly appointed as data protection processors. The employees have been adequately trained in this regard and work under the direct supervision and responsibility of the Data Protection Processing.


Dissemination: The personal data processed will not be spread.


Automated decision-making: The processing of the data is not based on automated decision-making.


Retention of data: Information and personal data collected through this website, including those voluntarily provided by the user in order to obtain the sending of information material or other communications, will be kept exclusively for the purpose of providing the requested service only for the time strictly necessary. Once the service has been provided, all personal data will be deleted, unless otherwise required by the authorities, retention required by law, unless stated otherwise in certain sections of the website.


Rights of the data subject: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 gives data subjects the opportunity to execute certain rights according to Articles 15-22. The data subject has the right to know what personal data the data processor holds from the respective person, to obtain information about whether data on the respective person exists and to be given an intelligible form more detailed information about the data, origin and the reason and purpose of its processing, as well as information about the superordinate of the processing people and categories of people, to whom this data is transmitted. The data subject has the right to confirm and control, correct and supplement respective data, to request that the data be deleted, blocked and converted into anonymous data if the processing violates the legal provisions. The data subject has the right, to oppose with justified reasoning, to the processing of respective data, in whole or in part, as well as to request its deletion, blocking or transformation into anonymous data. If the data subject does not receive a response to a request within 30 days of receipt – this period may be extended by a further 60 days if this is necessary due to the complexity or the high number of requests – the data subject may lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority or submit an appeal to the court. For more information:

The present rights can be executed by the data subject or a person commissioned by respective person by means of a request to the company, alpitronic GmbH, Bozner-Boden-Mitterweg 33, I-39100 Bolzano by registered mail or by e-mail to


Cookie Policy

As you browse the Internet, websites store certain information to provide a correct and secure browsing experience, such as: IP addresses, MAC address, domain names of users’ computers and all the technical information implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.



Our website uses cookies to provide a correct use of the website and a safe browsing experience. This policy gives you information about the cookies used by our website, their purposes and how they are used.


What are cookies?

Legal basis for the management of cookies, is the general decree of the Data Protection Guarantor regarding cookies from the 8th May 2014. Cookies are small text files sent from the page to the user’s device (usually to the browser). They are stored in order to be transferred back to the site the next time the same user visits. During navigation on a website, cookies may also be sent to the user’s device from other websites or web servers (so-called “third parties”): on the visited website there may be some elements (such as e.g. images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) that are located on other websites or web servers.

Cookies can be used for various purposes, such as performing computer authentication, storing information related to configurations of the machines accessing the server, storing preferred websites, etc. The following are the types of cookies we use.


Types of cookies:


Technical cookies: technical cookies are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the website; they are only stored for the duration of navigation.


Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies are used to collect aggregated information about the number of visitors and visitor behavior at a statistical level (e.g. “Google Analytics”).


The cookies used by our website.

The following is a list of cookies we use.






2 days


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This site does not use profiling cookies. This website uses only technical cookies and analytical cookies. As far as analytical cookies are concerned: alpitronic GmbH has partially anonymized the IP address of the user. Therefore, the information that Google Inc. can access is restricted.


Short information for the first access – “Banner”.

The banner that opens when the website is first accessed, allows the visitor to view the essential information regarding the use of cookies and contains a link to the complete privacy policy. By clicking on the “OK” button on the banner, the user agrees to the use of cookies. The data relating to the user’s decision on the use of cookies are stored by a technical cookie for one month.


How to disable cookies? The user can withdraw his consent at any time or change the options for the use of cookies of this website via his browser settings. Here you will find the links to the main browsers:






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This policy can be supplemented and changed by the person responsible for data processing in the event of legal changes.


The data processor is: alpitronic GmbH, Bozner-Boden-Mitterweg 33, I-39100 Bolzano (BZ), in the person of the legal representative